Monday, July 03, 2006

Social Tools and Employer Branding

My take on GG's post on the impact of social tools on employer branding.

He says “Feelings about an employer can be positive and negative. These are shaped by two factors. The individual's values and perceptions, and the organizations policies and processes.

Agree with this but I would like to add another factor. Apart from Individuals values and perception its Individuals personal aspirations which makes the critical difference.

One of the problems with the people joining in IT industry today is that many of them lack the patience, resilience and core values to contribute effectively and consistently toward the organizational success.

The supply crunch has created a situation which typifies the Gresham’s Law “Bad money drives the good money out of market.”

The organization values and employee’s values must match to have a long lasting association. One of the reasons why we see employees getting highly dissatisfied with organizations is because of complete mismatch between employers and employees values. Unfortunately Employer’s /Organisation's value system is the last thing which people look at while accepting job offers and this I strongly believe is a strong reason for dissatisfaction.

Again dissatisfaction among employees may not be totally linked to organizational internal policies and systems .

Today it has also got to do with external market situation. I have seen people working in the same organizations for 18 yrs are still very happy and I've also come across folks who remain unhappy even though they change job as often as every year. It's got to do more with individuals than the organisation.However orgnizations do need to go on alert if it happens more often and to a growing no of people.

The essential factor which Organizations /HR need to do is to communicate more effectively about the value, systems and culture to prospective employees.

Social tools will undoubtedly play a very critical role in shaping people’s opinion about organizations but let's accept the fact the MNC organizations which operate at large scale from multiple locations and people from diverse background will face such situations more often than not.

Freedom of expression and misuse of free access to social tools is something which we have to accept in virtual world.I guess we have to be more cautious and focussed on what we are considering as serious and genuine opinion.

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