Friday, July 07, 2006

HR's impact on Strategy

HR experts explore the most often asked question ,which every HR professional, student ponders about at one or other point in his career.

What effort does it takes to make organizations take HR roles seriously? Peter Cappelli shares his experience.

About 25 percent of those being interviewed reported that their HR groups were marginalized in their organizations. Whether that is a lot or a little depends on your perspective, but it is, if nothing else, interesting that even those inside a function were aware that there were more important tasks that HR should be handling, which means that they could see what those other tasks should be.

Not surprisingly, those who were cut out of the action reported it was because they were concentrating on transactional business, the "must do" topics in the function.
It’s a common situation being faced by most of us, now the next question is how we do change the scenario and what does HR leaders needs to do to change this perception.

#The best way to get access to the strategy process was to demonstrate that HR could add value to those outcomes that were of interest to top decision makers in the business.

#Build a credible story about the role that HR can play in running the business has to go beyond goals traditionally associated with HR.

#Senior leaders in the business have to buy into a new set of priorities for the HR function so that they can be accountable to the new standards.

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