Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Answer this ....

The war for talent means greater efforts on part of employer to brand organizations for attracting talent..How do you answer the question “Why Should I Work for Your Company”

Howard Adamsky & Danielle Monaghan say that “ Examine your corporate culture, rewards, career paths, and corporate citizenship to get the answer.

• Has your organization evolved to meet their needs, or is it business as usual?

• Do you have a compelling employee-value proposition covering all the
facets that will attract and retain employees?

•Can your recruiters and hiring managers articulate this consistently to all candidates?

•Can your recruiters determine what is most compelling to each candidate they decide to pursue?


Mayank Krishna said...

Perhaps the answer to this question lies in changing the perspective. If the perspective changes from PUSH to PULL then you will not have to answer this question as you would have already answered this question before the prospective candidate asking it.

PULL can be created with corporate branding where apart from communicating the essence of your organization, you also communicate and differentiate your organization on all work related aspects like work culture, growth opportunities, career development, compensation, promotion philosophy, training, etc.

I think INFOSYS is doing a great job here. Another great example is Google.

The key is not hard-selling your organization. The key is telling the prospects very clearly that they are better off working with your organization. HOW they are better off is what you have to communicate in your corporate branding effort. If you can create a halo effect around your organization then 99% of your job is done.

Ajit Chouhan said...

Yes ..agree with you completely.It's the HALO effect which makes the difference.