Thursday, July 06, 2006

Innovation Footprints

The “Carbon footprint” concept which tries to answer how much carbon do you consume and release into the atmosphere.Where is that carbon going and what impact does it have on the planet? It has being extended in the context of Innovation by Jeffrey Phillips.

If together we can think about pollution and how we, each of us, can contribute to reducing our carbon footprint through simple actions, then certainly each of us can think about our "innovation footprint" at work. What actions or projects are you working on that could have an "innovation footprint"?In the "Carbon footprint" example, there are inherent rewards. Each of us gets to breathe cleaner air or enjoy a more pristine Earth. Participating in the activity brings rewards to yourself, your family and to all mankind. Likewise, an "innovation footprint" program needs to have rewards.

How do the people within your organization enjoy the rewards of increased innovation? Increased profit-sharing? Larger bonuses?

The knowledge that the firm they work for is considered an industry thought leader? As the carbon footprint example points out, all rewards don't have to be monetary.

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Harm Joosse said...


i'm getting some thoughts together on establishing an assessment tool to measure your innovation footprint. What about working together? What are in your opinion drivers / determinants of an innovation footprint?