Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Employee Compatibility

As study by Vodafone's Working Nation report, based on a survey of more than 2,500 workers, employers and entrepreneurs, found that six out of 10 British workers exhibit chameleon tendencies whereby their personality and identity changes when they walk into the office.

Some of the other tendencies which the study reported are:

· A hardcore of employees (some six per cent of the sample) who felt compelled to change their identity completely to fit in at work.

·The reason for this tension is a major incompatibility between the values of the individual and those of their employer.

·Nearly two thirds say they simply don't believe in what their company stands for and more than half say they have changed something about themselves to adapt to their working environment.

· "Identity-stressed" workers are three times more likely to work for companies whose values they felt uncomfortable with and twice as likely to lie to succeed and let colleagues take the blame for their mistakes. They are also twice as likely to be very dissatisfied at work.

This typically demonstrate the incompatibility factor which individuals and organizational are facing today when they are trying to grow at exponential rate.

Generally any organization develops its culture over a period of time based on its core ideology and value system. As it grows it gets more experienced lateral resources from the job market, which typically leads to such situations.

Individuals who have stayed with any organization for a longer period of time find it difficult to make the adjustments in the new organization. Cultural compatibility is one of the biggest challenges which HR in organizations face when it comes to inculcate the organizational value system.

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