Saturday, July 15, 2006

Measuring Innovation Footprint

One my earlier post mentioned about Innovation Footprints. Harm Joose is trying to come with an an assessment tool to measure innovation footprint.

He outlines 3 steps to evaluate and measure innovation footprints based on the Innovation Footprint mode.

-Leader - Member exchange: trust, mutual liking and respect in a supervisor-subordinate relationship
-Role expectations: degree to which a supervisor expects subordinate to be innovative
-Support for Innovation: degree of perception of the individual that the organisation is supporting innovation
-Intuitive Problem Solving Style: generating solutions by having looking from different perspectives

·Evaluating measurements
·Creating an assessment question list
·Translating the measurement ranking to a figure that can be used for peer-comparisons
My thoughts on evaluating measurements.

To being with we must define what are going to measure and how we types of innovation footprints we want to capture.

A descriptive questionnaire for capturing thoughts, awareness and present understanding on innovation footprint in organizations.

Leader, peer and other member can maintain a incident based dossier to track and evaluate footprints and use forced ranking method for comparative ordering and elimination of some non critical events or actions.

Reward and recognition system in process to encourage such process.

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