Friday, July 28, 2006

HR and Human Touch

EM Sky of Mind Unbound rightly said that it’s the “underlying system of thought on which all business is based”.

The fact remains that Human Resource Dept itself stands for the Human element in the murky world of Business. I’ll go to add that HR should rather be the “Humane” face and custodian of Values, ethics and culture of the organization. It may do so in the form of employee engagement, CSR or any other form but it should take the extra strive to give each individual in the organization an identity which is different from one’s employee no. and role.

Can’t agree with more on what he said “the reality of human nature and the importance of the Human Touch must be integrated into our understanding of "efficiency."

The reality is that efficiency is being associated only with getting things done. Somehow organizations are not prepared to accept the individual nature of each employee into account when it comes to design HR processes. Although being in HR we have little scope for the Human Element in the process and somehow process efficiency is linked to individual and organizational efficiency.


Afshin said...

Dear Ajit
Congratulation for your nice blog. It is a professoinal and very useful.
I will be a constant visitor of you.
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Ajit Chouhan said...

Hi Afshin,

Thanks for your comments.

Bruce said...

Hi Ajit,

I think you are right. I've often thought about this 'gap' between HR process/strategy and the individual or micro aspects of a single employee...