Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jack Welch on HR

As a HR person one interview which you must send to your CEO is the one by Jack Welch, in which he talks about what HR has been doing and what it should do.

Amazing insights and one liner which we really make you wonder how interesting it would be to be a part of this man’s HR team.

Read this….

At too many companies, unfortunately, the human resources department gets it wrong.Either it operates as a cloak-and-dagger society or a health-and-happiness sideshow.Those are extremes, of course, but if there is anything we have learned over the past five years of travelling, it is that HR rarely functions as HR should.

“Look at the companies today where the CFO reigns supreme and HR is relegated to the background. It just doesn't make sense. Sure, the accountant can tell you the financials.

But the director of player personnel knows what it takes to win: how good each player is and where to find strong recruits to fill talent gaps.

That's what HR should be all about. And, as you point out, it's usually not.

Type of HR Folks which we need “What's needed are people who are one part pastor, hearing all sins and complaints without recrimination, and one part parent, loving and nurturing, but giving it to you straight when you're off track.

Leaders should also make sure that HR fulfils two other roles. It should create effective mechanisms, such as money, recognition and training, to motivate and retain people.

And it should force organizations to face into their most charged relationships, such as those with unions, individuals who are no longer delivering results, or stars who are becoming problematic by, for instance, swelling instead of growing.

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