Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Why Employees quit ?

Exit interviews are some times great eye openers for HR folks. At times it really takes some of us by surprise when some trivial issues make people leave organizations. The problem is more acute when you realize that some issues continue to exit in most of the organizations in the world.

It’s difficult to make the employee understand and realize that employees are hired for a job and that’s what you are supposed to do. Sometimes they themselves have no clue why they are leaving the present job.

In some extremes cases people leave just because they don’t feel like coming to the office every day .Believe me it’s true, they just want to have a different life. They are just not happy doing the same old stuff which every one is doing, the regular cliché is they want to do something different.

I’m sure such situations are going to be more frequent than ever before. So what is it that organizations are going to do to keep employees motivated and engaged?

I’m sure you can’t keep changing your business every few years.

So what next? The Google 80-20 rule to make life more existing at work….

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