Saturday, September 09, 2006

Looking for a Change of Job ??

With talent getting scarce and growing demand for niche talent, the most sought after professional roles are being contacted by multiple agencies and recruiters promising them the next big thing. At times these offers make you wonder if you really deserve to take such offers. You wonder if you really prepared for the next higher role being offered. Do you really deserve such a high salary jump?

I’m sure many don’t give seconds thoughts and often end up landing with offers which sounds great but may lack the feel good experience.

I think one must need to carefully analyze few points before taking the plunge.

a)Assess your growth opportunities in the short run (3 months to 1 yrs) and long term (1-3 yrs) period in your current organization. Try and map your career growth ladder with your career aspirations.

b) Try and find out the best and worst part of your current job. Some people are exceptional at planning and may not be that great when it comes to work with teams and solve crisis when working with teams on executing strategies. You must make your move based on your strengths.

c) You must know what inspires you the most and what do you love doing everyday. I know that this is easier said than done but try to make a note of day’s work with 2-3 enjoyable and not so enjoyable experiences at work. After a period of 3-4 months of making this a habit try and review the points. Make a note of most occurring themes and points. This is a wonderful exercise and sometimes you’ll discover that often more than the quality and contents of works its enthusiasm and inter-personal relation between team members which makes a big difference.

d)Often people look at the content of job as critical factor before making job change ,but more than the content it’s the team dynamics and you immediate manager which makes the difference . Try and get to know the team you are going to join. This will help you in getting better prepared and also an understating of the team you are going to interact with, at your work.

e) Don’t forget to align your personal commitment like family and friends with the new role you are planning to take. Often in a close team you have common set of friends and you may not even realize the difference between being at work and spending times with friends. I have seen that the great companies to work are the ones in which you have close friends and only when you stop taking work as work that you start enjoying the whole experience.

These are some of the important aspects one should consider; in case you have more to add please do post your comments.

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