Friday, September 22, 2006

Global OD summit Highlights

The Global OD summit successfully concluded after lots of action in the last four days. The GODS saw some great names attending the summit and some 42 OD papers were presented.

PETER KOESTENBAUM, Ph.D., founder and Chairman of PiB and the Koestenbaum Institute, gave the keynote address in which he talked about successful leadership behavior. He stressed the importance of unshakeable conviction and one’s responsibility towards one action as the key factor which leaders must strive to accomplish. He said the leader’s mind gets stronger whenever it discovers uncertain answers to questions and stretches to embrace the polarity, paradox, contradiction, ambiguity, and uncertainty in such “solution”.

One of the most engaging session of the summit was the panel discussion which saw Mohan Das Pai Infosys Director (Human Resources, Education and Research & Administration), and Venu Srinivasan, Chairman and MD TVS Motor Company answering Rolland Sullivan ,Koestenbaum and other summit participants.

Rolland Sullivan started the talk by asking the two leaders on the challenges faced by them.Srinivasan said that one of the biggest challenge which he faces in manufacturing sector is attracting quality talent and scaling upto the standards of global market competition.MD Pai said that as organizations grow and expand operations, developing leaders at all level at creating a pool and bench of leaders to envision the future strategy and growth of the organization becomes a big challenge. Hiring the best available talent and to be the best in the world is what both the leaders aspired for in the next few years.

They felt that Indian organization today face a unique challenge as no other global organizations have faced in the past. They were growing at a faster rate and competing with the best in the world at a never seen pace before. Therefore the challenges are new and they do not have any case studies or historical data which can help them in answering the challenges which their organizations face today.

Koestenbaum asked them if they are able to match the aspirations and free will of the talent they hire and offer them what they want to do the best. He felt that one of the biggest challenge which organization are going to face in the days to come is find a match between individuals aspirations ,career objective and align the same with organizational objective.

I also attended a thought provoking session by Madhukar Shukla on HR role’s in creating social entrepreneurs. Madhukar presented a paper on sensitizing HR in developing human talent by contributing towards developing social entrepreneurship. Madhukar in his usual hard hitting style showed how social entrreprenuers have crated better opportunities in the society and have helped in creating right opportunities for more socially relevant services.

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