Thursday, September 14, 2006

Trends in Organisational Challenges

The Ken Blanchard Companies® annual corporate issues survey pinpoints the needs and issues of organizations seeking to develop their human assets to their fullest potential. The findings in 2006 represent the feedback from 805 training and HR leaders and line Managers from a range of companies, industries, and countries.
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The Top 3 themes were:

1. Competitive Pressures
While the issue of competition has trended down over a four-year period, it remains the number one issue facing organizations. Finally, meeting customer criteria in spite of dwindling budgets and resources is a key challenge in the area of competitive pressure.

2. Growth and Expansion
Respondents cited the need to focus on fiscally smart growth in order to remain strong through expansion process as well as the need to grow leadership bench strength through succession planning to take their organization in the right direction.

3. Maximizing Human Assets
Shoring up human resource assets in order to prepare for the future is another key concern. The third most important organizational challenge has increased 9% in just four years. Additionally, top management challenges and top employee development challenges include developing potential leaders, up 5% over the last two years, selecting and retaining key talent, up 4% from 2005, and improving managerial and supervisor skills, up 5% from 2004 and 2005.

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