Friday, September 08, 2006

Review of Corporate Blogging

Blogs have been making a strong and a steady impact on hiring and recruitment decisions .In some of my previous posts I’d mentioned the impact and role of Blogs and other social tools on recruiting. Easton Ellsworth of Business Blog Wire will be conducting a review of public-facing blogs operated by Fortune 500 companies.Esaton plans to access the the strengths and weaknesses of each corporate blog and glean lessons for business blogging efforts.

Some of the factors he is looking at :

1. Quality - Out of all the Fortune 500 companies with public-facing corporate blogs, who's got the best blog or set of blogs? What does "best" mean in this context?
2. Uniqueness - How do Fortune 500 company blogs differ from non-Fortune 500 company blogs?
3. Quantity - How many public-facing (external), official Fortune 500 corporate blogs are there?
4. Relevance - Is the Fortune 500 a useful barometer in terms of telling us how quickly businesses of all sizes are turning to blogs for various purposes?
5. Identity - Who's writing F500 blogs anyway? Is it senior executives or low-level employees? Are these mostly team blogs or individual blogs?
6. Format - How often are these blogs updated? What are their designs like? Are they registered with Technorati and other blog search engines? Do they allow comments and/or trackbacks? What kind of blog bling (read: fancy-pants buttons and sidebar gizmos) do they have?
7. Impact - Who reads them and why? How important are these big biz blogs? Why hasn't anyone scoured and publicly evaluated them as a collective yet?8. Wild Card - How come the HP corporate blog portal has such a crazy URL? Does Intel really have a corporate blog? What about General Mills? Does Real Baking with Rose Levy Beranbaum count? (Does that really matter?) And so on and so forth.
I guess this is going to be an interesting study and for those who have missed out the action so far will also be forced to sit and take a look. The finding will certainly help in bringing more focus and qualitative improvement in blogs contents of these organizations and will help in understanding the impact of blogging on business and organizations branding.

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Easton Ellsworth said...

Thanks, Ajit. This study promises to be fun as well as informative.

By the way, I think you should check out - a blog about HR and recruiting written by a guy named Robert Merrill. He blogs for the same network as me (Know More Media). I think you'd like it. There are other blogs at our network that also relate to your topic but that's the most directly related one, I think.