Thursday, September 07, 2006

End of Job Interview ?? Nahhh...

So do you also think that Job interviews are not likely to survive for long? Well Seth definitely feels so .He thinks that traditional one on one interview techniques does not serves the objective of hiring the best talent .

At least half the interview finds the interviewer giving an unplanned and not very good overview of what the applicant should expect from this job. Unlike most of the marketing communications the organization does, this spiel is unvetted, unnatural and unmeasured.

The other half is dedicated to figuring out whether the applicant is good at job interviews or not.
So he suggests that every applicant gets a guided tour of the organization story.

Maybe from a website or lens or DVD. Maybe from one person in your organization who is really good at this? It might mean a plant tour or watching an interview with the CEO. It might involve spending an hour sitting in one of your stores or following one of your doctors around on her rounds. But it’s a measurable event, something you can evaluate after the process is over. If you’re hiring more than a few people a week, clearly it’s worth having a full-time person to do this task and do it well.
Seth ideas are great as always but lacks the touch of reality. I mean this can work well if the organization has to hire senior level professionals who need to understand the organization from a Leader perspective. Ideally senior management positions require more hands on approach towards problem solving and strategic decision making ability.

However this will not work in case of regular entry or middle management level opening since the logistics required and the time available to fill the position may not be available. Also the execution of this recruitment process depends on the no of people one is looking to recruit. In case where organizations need to fill thousands of openings in few weeks I don’t think it will be a scalable model.

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