Tuesday, September 26, 2006

HR for HR

With the growing demand for HR professionals and greater no of people taking up HR as a specialized function the no of people in HRD function is also growing in organizations. Like any other professionals career HR professional also seek to maximize opportunities of career growth and opportunities for new and challenging roles.

The growing number also means that organizations have small HR teams for specific function. Now any organization is happy to adopt this model to being with and ensures that it’s employee to HR ratio is healthy and that employees can directly approach HR on day to day basis. This also helps Corporate and Senior Management is having better connect with employees pulse and points of concern.

Creating the right career path and challenging opportunities in HR function is something which is often overlooked in most of the organizations. This often leads to lack of adequate career growth opportunities and HR folks often end up either as a functional specialist in one of the HR sub-functions or as generalist. .Most of the times HR professionals in organizations have two major issues which may be the reason for attrition in HR.

· Lack of adequate career growth opportunities and career path. Inadequate focus of senior management on developing HR talent inside the organization.

· Lack of proper grievance reddresal mechanism for HR functions. The problem is especially acute in small and mid size companies where the no. of HR personnel and few.

I come across no. of HR professionals who often share these concerns and feel that despite the increasing contribution of HR in enhancing organizational effectiveness’s and achieving its business and strategic objective HR seldom gets the equal treatment when it comes to career growth. It’s either up to the individual managers or broad policy guidelines which drives performance and career management moves in organizations.

The other issue is that of grievance reddersal, who do HR folk’s needs to approach for work related concerned. Their’s often a questions asked who is the HR for HR?

Is it your immediate manager or a designated person who takes care of HR concerns? You often come across such situations when people are not sure who is to be approached for concerns for Hr employees. Now if you do not have a defined mechanism to track and capture aspirations and issues of HR employees in your organization, is it a matter of concern? The answer is a big yes as these issues do affect HR employees like any other employees. The growing attrition rate in HR is one such indicator.

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