Monday, June 12, 2006

Worth of an MBA

Does it pays to do an MBA from HARVARD?
Is it worth the effort and money? What about a top online MBA?
Academicians and students continue to debate the worth of an MBA degree.

NYT says“According to the 2006 Global M.B.A. Graduate Survey from the Graduate Management Admission Council, 63 percent of M.B.A. alumni described the value of their degree as "outstanding or excellent," when comparing the cost of their degree to the quality of their educations; 29 percent called it "good.”

They said that balance, financial security and corporate power were their top goals, but they placed less emphasis on becoming C.E.O.'s and were more interested in general corporate leadership positions. Ranked last was "respect by peers." Another category that often emerged, Professor Higgins said, was "impact" — defined as making "a real difference" or "a positive difference to society."

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