Thursday, June 15, 2006

HR's Impact on ER

A White Paper Released by HRAmericaThe Impact of Human Resources on Employee Retention" says that “HR professionals are spending increasing amounts of time on administrative tasks that are necessary for day-to-day survival and avoiding legal problems. More than 40 percent of executives and HR managers said they were frustrated by the amount of time they spend on administrative requests.

This inefficient time management prohibits HR professionals at all levels from providing insight that can provide a competitive advantage such as:
• Talent management
• Employee brand development
• Employee communication

Very true, most of us have cribbed about the administrative and maintenance part of the HR function. The fact that recruitment, development and retention strategy is the key to HR success in organizations.

It says “With the exception of core competencies, many HR business processes can be outsourced to help HR professionals achieve maximum productivity and provide strategic input that can advance the company .

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