Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Effective Tips for Recruitment and selection.

David Meyer, Ph.D. gives 9 effective tips for successful recruitment and selection.

Hire for Today’s Need and Tomorrow’s Vision

New people should provide the skills you need in the future, not just match the job demands you see today. Be clear about your strategic direction for the future, and then hire the talent to help you achieve it.

Understand the Job

Finding the right people to hire is much easier when you first analyze the job you want to fill. Ask yourself what kinds of people do the best in this job? If you’re lucky enough to have a top performer already in the job, learn from them.

Be Legal

Stick to the law of the land and ensure fairness in selection process to avoid litigations.

Build a Standardized Hiring Process and Use It

At a basic level, your standardized hiring process should include criteria-based screening of an adequate number of candidates, a background check, standardized assessments and structured interviews.

Hiring Top Talent Means More Profit

The right person will make contributions to your company’s productivity and profitability that far exceed salary cost. But the wrong person can cost you plenty.

A Bad Hire Is Worse Than You Think

According to the Harvard Business Review, 80 percent of turnover is caused by bad hiring decisions. These are costly mistakes.

Interviewing Doesn’t Work

The traditional job interview is a highly subjective process. Interviewers often have a range of biases that dramatically affect their perceptions of individual job candidates.

The Most Neglected Aspect of Hiring

A job analysis is the most neglected aspect of hiring. Performed correctly, a job analysis provides a list of the personal attributes required to work effectively in the role.

Matching People to Jobs

Candidate screening, personality and skill assessments, performance-based interviews and behavioral based interviews all help identify top candidates.

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Astha said...

Very nicely captured! I would like to add three more points:
- Share the job description with the candidate honestly. Give them a chance to evaluate the company and the role. This leads to more committed hires.
- Hire as much for skills as for aspirations.
- Clearly define the roles of line and HR in the hiring process. Ensure that the final hiring decision is a collaborative one. Both these groups have unique perspectives on 'who should be hired'. Capturing both, results in better quality hires- candidates who matches up in skills and fit in with the culture.