Thursday, June 08, 2006

Making Organizational Transformation work

Organizational transformations can be explained in light of the recent brain research which outlines how to make organizational transformation succeed.

Some of the major findings are :

Change is pain. Organizational change is unexpectedly difficult because it provokes sensations of physiological discomfort.(Any change leads disturbs the equilibrium)

Behaviorism doesn’t work. Change efforts based on incentive and threat (the carrot and the stick) rarely succeed in the long run. (People are smart enough to understand the long term implications).

Humanism is overrated. In practice, the conventional empathic approach of connection and persuasion doesn’t sufficiently engage people.(They all understand the business reality drives human decisions.)

Focus is power. The act of paying attention creates chemical and physical changes in the brain.Expectation shapes reality. People’s preconceptions have a significant impact on what they perceive.(A pre-conceived notion always exists about any change move.)

Attention density shapes identity. Repeated, purposeful, and focused attention can lead to long-lasting personal evolution.(Every individual needs to be explained the process, objective for buy-in on a regular,consistent basis.)

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ellenweber said...

Interesting findings and well laid out -- I'd like to see your ideas about how these might be applied to improve a business... Thanks!

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