Tuesday, June 06, 2006

India on Global Scene

In my last few post I have highlighted the kind of attention India is getting world over for its unique growth story and ITES services.

Close on the heels of these events Julia Hanna has an article on India in HBR’s latest edition.

"India—the world's fastest-growing free market democracy" read posters and banners all around the Swiss resort, while Indian success stories such as Infosys Technologies were the talk of movers and shakers at swank soirees. The spotlight continued to shine on India well into the spring with cover articles appearing in major news magazines. Then came a state visit from U.S. President George W. Bush (HBS MBA '75) in March, the same month HBS inaugurated its global research center in Mumbai.

In my previous post yesterday I had quoted that “So what started as a simply cost reduction strategy is now becoming the USP for many IT companies”.

ET has an article on how global companies are adopting the Indian model for creating a global footprint for themselves.

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