Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Global Manager and Soft Skills

As a manager of team having members from diverse background , one has to walk a tight rope when it comes to manage teams effectively. Working as an effective manager in Global environment means diverse opportunities as well as diverse challenges. HBR article says that “While top performance usually is what gets global managers their international assignments, soft skills may be more important.”

Organizations need to ensure that managers have had the opportunity to build a basic understanding of the new cultures in which they will be immersed—with a particular focus on appreciating how behaviors differentiate.

Beyond this, Teagarden has identified a number of key characteristics that successful global managers possess. Among them are three that resonate loudly:

(1) a belief that differences matter;

(2) openness to new and different ideas; and

(3) cognitive complexity, or the ability to focus on both the "hard" and "soft" metrics in an organization—the hard quantitative side along with the softer, people side.

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