Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Success Secrets

If you can't rise at dawn, you might just reconsider your goal of making it as a CEO.:Fortune

Well this really put me off since I’m another late riser.
Cait Murphy talks about the secrets of being a successful Guru in “Secrets of greatness: How I work”.We have folks , ranging from jazz maestro Wynton Marsalis to jurist Richard Posner to Goldman's CEO, Hank Paulson, sharing on what they love to do.

Common denominator here, it is that for all the whizz-bang gadgetry that makes it possible to nag people in a dozen time zones in a single day, the human touch still matters.

The challenge is to continue to do it well, when the responsibilities and complexities keep increasing. One common answer is to get up early -- real early. Another answer is the creative use of technology .Technology can help people perform, after all, but it is people who inspire technology -- and each other.

My Take: Technology will continue to be a great enabler and its individual passion for innovation, excellence and creativity which will enable one to scale heights.

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