Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Self assessment

Mark Cuban has a terrific post about the fact that often we are wrong at assessing our own true potential, strength and weaknesses.

I have been just as bad at this as anyone, particularly when I was getting started in the business world. For those of us who dream of starting and running a business, we know that we have to have a level of confidence in our own abilities. We don’t want to believe that there are things we can’t do.

We want to believe that if we try hard enough, work long enough, and get a little lucky, that the sky is the limit. The problem is that we let our confidence cloud our judgments of what we truly know about ourselves.

Does that means individuals tend to often underestimate themselves when it comes to doing things for our own venture?

I've seen that many self –starter entrepreneur often get in this trap of doing everything themselves and thereby loosing the sight of big picture and they end up being the worst kind of manager .They seldom believe in nurturing a culture of talent development and often have a bias towards their style of working .

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