Thursday, March 23, 2006

HR Blogging

HR Blogging has picked up quite well in the recent few years. It has become an effective medium of staying in touch with the latest happenings in the field of HR .We have no. of blogs dedicated to various aspects of HR and it seems to be growing every day.Although I've been reading a lot of HR related blogs but some of the links mentioned below were new to me.Most of the blogs which I read regularly as featured on my blogroll.

HRE Online has a list of HR blogs which you may find useful.

General HR Blogs

The HR Blog; Bostonworks is the jobs section of This is a "group blog," with entries from more than a half-dozen industry experts, and it has quickly become one of the more prominent and reliable sources for HR news and commentary.

Workplace Prof Blog; The author is Richard Bales, professor of law at the Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University. Mostly a news aggregator, Bales covers the waterfront, giving you a quick read on the latest HR headlines.

The HR Analyst Blog; The author is Jason Corsello, a program manager for the Yankee Group's Business & IT Services Decision Service. Corsello has his thumb on the pulse of the profession and has a common-sense approach to the issues facing it.


Benefitsblog; Attorney B. Janell Grenier authors this blog. The content is a little dry and technical, but it's jam-packed with info if your focus is benefits.

Managed Care Matters; Joe Paduda, the principal of Madison, Conn.-based consultancy Health Strategy Associates, is the author of this site, which takes an in-depth look at the health-benefits issues and is not afraid to take a stand on those issues. Worth a read, even if you disagree.


Hiring Revolution; A group blog from the team at that looks at all angles of the staffing and recruiting jungle, with thoughtfulness and wit.

The CareerXRoads Annex; The author is Gerry Crispin, co-author of the book CareerXroads. Crispin is clearly conversant with the staffing scene, and offers in-depth analysis on what's happening within it.


Eelearning; Dave Lee, a learning professional himself, offers an in-the-trenches point of view to the world of corporate learning, and can discuss everything from learning theory to the latest technology.

Internet Time Blog; Jay Cross, CEO of Internet Time Group and founder of the Workflow Institute, seems to be everywhere that e-learning events are happening--and is usually live-blogging the action. An intensely focused blog from somebody who knows what he's blogging about.

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