Wednesday, March 22, 2006

HRIS and its Key Role

HRIS is increasingly playing an important role in transforming HR role in Organizations. Systematic HR has a post on the key role which HRIS is likely to play.

HRIS should be playing the same role in process support that it does in decision support. In decision support HRIS should have the business acumen to be more creative in determining how data is delivered to leadership.

This is not to say that HR leaders don’t need to request what they want, but the knowledge of the HR data available gives HRIS an opportunity to provide what may
not be expected or known otherwise.

The key is that as functional process owners are determining what the business requirements are for their process and how to optimize it, these process owners are not always fully familiar with how a process might be optimized from the technical standpoint.

Process owners and HRIS should really be working together to optimize a single process so that it meeds business requirements, makes technological sense, and fits into the context of a larger HR technology environment.

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