Monday, March 13, 2006

Six jobs that won't exist by 2016

Fast company article says that by 2016 on of the 6 jobs which will cease to exist is Indian call-center operators: “American customer service is rescued from oxymoron status as companies realize that being nice to the people with the money is the only way to win”

The other 5 are:
TV schedulers, A&R guys, Wall Street researchers, cool hunters. As punishment, now it's our turn to ram stuff down your throats. Hope you like Bon Jovi!
Pay someone to write snarky comments? Do you think we're getting paid for this?
Advertising creatives
Talented amateurs making ads for fun and posting them online seem to be better at your job than you are. Bonus: No more "whither the 30-second spot" whining.
Auto mechanics
As cars run on software, the grease monkey will need a makeover.
U.S. high-tech jobs
But software engineers can always get a job down at the garage.

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