Friday, May 05, 2006

The Dilbert Story

Scot Adams the man who created Dilbert feels that “the geeky engineer is“more of a symbol than a hero.”

“He represents workers,” argues Adams. “He hasn’t done much to free them.”

Nonetheless, Dilbert gives a collective voice to 9-to-5ers – a cubicle dweller for the masses. Not only is the strip tacked to office walls across corporate America, but “Dilbert” has appeared in 2,000 newspapers in 65 countries around the globe.

An MBA from UC-Berkeley – Scot was working for Pacific Bell in the 1980s, when he started drawing the famous character in 1989.Drawing on 17 years of cubicle experience, Adams hatched an idea for a comic strip, loosely based on his co-workers. “Dilbert was a composite from a real living person physically,” he says, “and his personality was mostly me.”

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