Friday, May 12, 2006

Employee Engagement

Workplace environment is a perennial concern for HR. Employees motivation and productivity is immensely affected by enriching the working environment.Mike Goldman talks about some of the things which makes key difference .

You want to create a more fun, rewarding and productive work environment; don't try to eat the elephant in one bite. Change things a little at a time. Most organizations try to create an improved work with a plan that looks like this:

# Create a grand strategy Give the strategy a catchy name
# Initiate a change program to get everyone excited
# Implement the program with great fanfair
# Watch as early successes dissolve into boredom and failure

Instead, I believe the longest lasting changes are implemented without catchy names, colorful posters and change management teams. They're implemented quietly at first, a little at a time, until one day you look around and realize nothing is the same.

For example, a recipe for creating a more passionate, energized work environment may:
# Start with finding some small excuses to celebrate
# Use this momentum to plan a few after-work social activities
# This will help you to create stronger relationships within your team and a knowledge of what makes people tick
# This knowledge may lead to a better ability to take advantage of people's strengths
# This may lead to a change in the performance planning process as well as a restructuring of team responsibilities
Anyway, you get the idea...

To add to that I think employees are not able to relate to big bang events as much a small group /team event. Employee’s feel more connected and related to work place if they are able to bond with a small set of people.

In large organizations HR should focus more on creating a small company environment which makes the employee feel more valued.

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