Thursday, May 18, 2006

Consultancy in India

Consulting in India is booming. ET reports about the grey areas of consultancy business.

HR consulting has slowly become a very happening trend these days. With an increasing number of fresher’s and dissatisfied working people, their businessis booming. This has placed them in an advantageous situation, so much so many of them are not afraid to carry out unethical practices. Generalizing all these setups will not be justified. But many fall under that category and it is advisable to beware of such places.

Another big problem is most of these consultants are not qualified enough to handle their duties. The reason being that most of the consultancies are set up on a very small scale. The cost involved in the routine activities can be high as a decent office space is much needed. The phone bills are another huge expenditure as most of the interactions with the company's HR and the candidates are done telephonically. The only scope for cost cutting is present in keeping the salaries of the consultants low.

This leads to the selection of candidates who just have the basic qualification - good communication skills. With no knowledge of HR, they are hardly able to understand the profiles. This leads to mismatching of the profiles of the candidates with respect to the positions on offer.

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Astha said...

When you say 'unethical practices' what are you referring to?