Wednesday, May 31, 2006

HR Strategy

How Strategic is HR role in Business ????

Systematic HR gives this view on HR Strategy

“What HR Strategy isn’t. The below list are all tactics to help us achieve our strategy:

*It is not talent management or acquisition
*It is not about learning
*It is not workforce planning
*It is not benefit, compensation, or any other sub-function management

HR Strategy is simply:

Shaping the workforce around the organization’s business needs, and managing
behavioral changes to match the desired environmental goals.

I think HR strategy is not an exclusive in itself and part of the overall business strategy which a firm is pursuing. It can be extended to the following areas.

*People’s Practice
*Culture and Social Practices
*Corporate Social Responsibility
*Responsive Management/leadership
*Talent development and Resource management

1 comment:

Bruce Lewin said...

I think that one aspect of HR Strategy has to involve solving 'people based' problems. I guess this is covered in People's Practice?

That said, I think there can be a disconnect between the formalisation of HR practice and the inability to solve genuine people based problems within the business.

Its a bit of a generalisation and I'm just playing with this idea but I think there are two distinct perceptions to this problem, namely HR's and the organisation's.