Thursday, April 20, 2006

CEO Talks

Offshoring is a funny thing for an international company. Where is your shore?" asked Kleinfeld. "My shore is as much in India and China as it is in Germany or the U.S." Siemens will continue to migrate to developing regions where new sales are growing. "I really see more international businesses, or fragments, run out of those growth regions like India and China," .
Siemens CEO Klaus Kleinfeld talks about “teams,work culture , global economy ,fears of globalization and Outsourcing at a recent Wharton Leadership Lecture.

Kleinfeld said U.S. concerns about the sale of port assets to a Dubai-based firm, and French resistance to the sale of yogurt-maker Danone -- which French officials called a "national treasure" -- highlight growing fears that globalization comes at the cost of jobs in developed countries. Those fears could spark a backlash against globalism and limit future economic growth, he warned. "The common people -- the voters -- do not understand what's going on and see a threat," said Kleinfeld. "We, as leaders, need to be responsible for explaining the positives of globalization."

In today's world, knowledge travels faster than ever before, so if you are talking about a sustainable competitive advantage, probably the only one is the quality of the people you have and the way they interact as a team," he said.

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