Sunday, January 07, 2007

HR Metrics and Business

In general, chief HR officers are allotted time at board meetings to report on key human capital issues. They sit in with other members of the executive team at board meetings to offer counsel, and then leave when the board moves into executive session. At the committee level, HR usually is linked with the compensation committee, but there are opportunities with other committees as well, including governance, nominations and even audit.

SHRM article outlines how HR can play the role of a key partner in deciding organizations future strategy. As organizations seeks more data and metrics before making business decisions HR can facilitate the process by coming up with metrics and measurement parameters. It talks about how HR can play a more pro active role at Board level in organizations and make its impact felt on business of the firm and also ensure that key strategic HR issues, such as succession planning, talent management and executive compensation are discussed at Board level .

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