Monday, January 08, 2007

Employees and Exit Interviews

Employee’s exits are something which HR folks have to handle on day to day basis. Exit interviews are part of speration process to ensure that feedback and reasons for employees leaving the organization are systematically captured through the interview and questionnaire method. Exit interview data is critically analyzed for working out talent retention strategies and improving employee’s satisfaction at work.

In a study on turnover conducted by Human Resource Executive magazine, 96% of HR managers reported conducting exit interviews with employees who are leaving the organization voluntarily, but just a meager 4% use a systematic method of collecting and tabulating the exit survey findings.

Due to poorly designed and inconsistent exit interview questions and processes, companies' takes on turnover are not only incomplete, but are often highly inaccurate, says Leigh Branham, author of The Seven Hidden Reasons Employees Leave.

I think exit interviews are very critical as it leaves a lasting impact on employee’s perception about the organization. All through employees are looked upon from the resource utilization perspective from the manager and its only when they decide to leave they realize how they are being seen as an individual. One must realize that every quitting employee is a brand ambassador and an internal customer from organization perspective. Exit processes should be made to operate very smoothly and trouble free for the exiting employee as it always leaves a lasting perception about the organization and especially HR.

Do read this post by an employee about his exit interview experience. More on exit interviews here and here.

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