Sunday, January 14, 2007

Best Places to Work in 2007

Google ranks as the best place to work for in 2007 and here’s what Fortune has to say about people working at goggle.

The people at Google, it should be stated, almost universally see themselves as the most interesting people on the planet. Googlers tend to be happy-go-lucky on the outside, but Type A at their core. Ask one what he or she is doing, and it's never "selling ads" or "writing code." No, they're on a quest "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." That's from the actual mission statement, by the way, which employees can and do cite with cloying frequency.

Systematic HR has this comment on Best places to launch career.

The best place to launch a career is distinctly different from the top 100 best places to work lists. For one thing, what works for a new grad may not always work for a mid career or senior professional. For one thing, new grads are hopefully looking for quick learning opportunities and perhaps some fast career growth and promotion opportunities. Great learning opportunities for a new grad may not be the same as great collaborative opportunities and innovative thinking for a seasoned worker. While these are not mutually exclusive, an organization needs to be aware that they are different and cultivate the types of employer brands differently and simultaneously.

The best places to work can be those which provide equally challenging opportunities at all career level. It’s a challenge to give fast growth and equally opportunity in an organization which is growing fast and has big employee base. Some companies continue to remain attractive because of the nature of work and the fast growth they offer due to fast growth in the industry. So a start up may be a far better option for a mid career professional who wants to move ahead, on the other hand a fresher may get better learning in a big company which may provide diverse work environment and better training than a small start up. Most of the attrition big organization happen at the mid career level as they fail to give the same kind of learning, challenging work, growth opportunities at different stages in employee’s career path.

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