Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Recruitment and HR function

Is Recruitment part of HR function? A small survey by ERE has this result

Should recruiting be part of the HR department?

Yes, it should be part of HR: 37% :94 votes

No, a separate department :45% :114 votes

Depends on the company :18% :46 votes

None of the above : 1% :2 votes

Total: 256 votes

I personally feel that recruitment is a specialized business function and should not be linked with HR. At the same time all HR professionals must spend some time in the recruitment function since it brings lot of insight and understanding operations issues with recruiting.

Recruitment lays the foundation of HR functions and for generalists as well as specialists HR folks the recruiter’s role is always a challenge. From Line managers and Boards members’ perspective Recruitment has greater visibility in terms of meeting organization manpower need and the business objective.

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