Monday, August 07, 2006

Capitalism and Social Change

One of the best practices which have evolved over the years in corporate world is the business of social change. Organization act as major facilitators in brings about changes at various levels in the society by acting as a change agent.

Fast Company article talks about the Social Capitalist winners who have developed some best practices that leaders in any sector can learn from.

Thank your customers. Then thank them again.John Wood, CEO and Founder, Room to Read
We make it a policy to almost "over-thank" our donors with as many creative gestures of appreciation we can imagine. In addition to establishing libraries and building schools, we publish native language books.

Let your customers sell for youPaul Rice, CEO and Founder, TransFair
Our model is to mobilize consumer demand for products that pay farmers a fair price so companies that distribute our certified products are rewarded for doing the right thing. That means that our customers are our most powerful advocates. So we need to find ways to support them and encourage them to speak up, without fostering an aggressive, anti-corporate stance with the companies we want to carry our product.

Recruit the right customers, in the right networks.John Wood, CEO and Founder, Room to Read
We think of these folks as our buzz agents: they talk us up in circles of influence where people are interested in international development and have money to spend.

Do your market research in the field.Christopher Elias, PATH
One of the health technologies we're exploring for use in the developing world is a high-pressure jet injection device that administers shots without a needle. Basically, it puts a stream of fluid under such high pressure that it pierces the skin. Not having a needle eliminates the chance of cross-infection.

Understand the emotional appeal of your brand,Paul Rice, CEO and Founder, TransFair.
People are looking for a way to make a difference. They're concerned about the direction the world is going in. There's so much bad news everywhere. Many people feel like their voice isn't being heard, their vote doesn't count. So maybe fair trade is giving people a way to find that voice again and to feel like they actually can make a difference.

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