Thursday, August 31, 2006

B-Schools to train our Babu's

ET reports
“Premier management institutes IIM-A, IIM-B and TERI School of Advanced Studies have joined hands with Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Maxwell University and Duke University, respectively to conduct short term courses for senior officials of the central government. The officials will be trained in the latest global rules of public management.

The reputed management institutes, short - listed through global bidding, shall design and conduct the short-term courses in management for senior bureaucrats, who will be undergoing the compulsory mid-career course linked with their career advancement.

I wonder if the courses will help our Babu’s perform better. For them more than aptitude it’s the attitude which makes all the difference. Some of the best minds are part of the same system which is branded as inefficient and corrupt. More than courses the govt. should also work on coming up with a matrix for managing performance and developing a measurable reward and promotion system. The bane of system is not talent they have but the way talent is managed.

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