Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Andy Grove :Leadership Redefined

Intel's former CEO Andy Grove is one of the great technical evangelist who is also revered as a great leader of his times. He is also considered a great management guru and has some great works to his credit including 1983's High Output Management and 1996's Only the Paranoid Survive, whose title entered the lexicon along with its phrase "strategic inflection point," which Grove defines as "a time in the life of a business when its fundamentals are about to change."

Richard Tedlow's is coming up with a new book titled The Life and Times of Andy Grove .HBR has come up with a review on his work.

“Tedlow calls Grove “America's greatest student and teacher of business,” and this essay describes several key decisions that reveal Grove's brilliance at grasping profound changes in the business environment and steering the company's big bow into new waters.

By the 1970s, for example, the company had made its fortune in computer memory chips. IBM was not only its largest customer; it was its largest shareholder, too. But as memory became a commodity in the 1980s, Grove decided to follow a bet-the-company strategy to charge into microprocessors even while risking the loss of IBM's business. The move, of course, not only paid off for Intel but also helped launch the PC revolution.Studying Grove, says Tedlow, will help today's managers cope with the accelerating rate of change. “Grove is the best model we've got for doing business in the twenty-first century,”
Fortune has a preview of the work and it’s a fascinating stuff to read.

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