Sunday, October 07, 2007

Future of Management

So what the future of management going to be? Is it your organizational structure or scorecard that you follow?

There's a reason boards of directors can pluck so many CEOs out of one company and plop them into another: When it comes to management ideas and tools, many companies are surprisingly similar. They have the same hierarchies and budgeting processes. They have "balanced scorecards" that measure performance. They benchmark their peers, adopt "best practices," and seemingly all house an army of Six Sigma black belts standing ready to defend quality control.

Garry Hamel thinks that that new ways of managing people or organizing companies can lead to the most durable, "difficult to duplicate" competitive advantages. Such an approach differs from process improvement, which can be copied, or an emphasis on new products, which can be commoditized.

People are source of competitive advantage but how organizations organize and engage them to compete with new innovations are key to the future of organizations. Pool of good talent lays the foundation, but how managers adapt to new set of challenges leads to optimum utilization of available talent will eventually be the differentiator for organisations to win and stay competitive.

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