Sunday, December 31, 2006

Workplace today

One of the most interesting aspect of today’s workplace is very conception of what constitutes your work place. Some of the work-life related themes which are worth pondering over are -the difference between work and personal life, the place from which you discharge your responsibilities and execute your employee obligations, the whole concept of workplace communities and extended workplace.

It’s amazing how some blurred the difference between life and work has become. Organizations analyze the data on amount of time people are spending at work. Serious thoughts are being given to ensure that people do not spend more than the regular work hours at work. Long working hours and continued exposure to work related activities often leads to burn out and other work related physiological and physiological issues.

So we have health camps, sports events, recreational other engagement activities like spouse network and kids club to foster a feeling of community and bonding between employees. Despite the stress and strains of modern urban life organizations are fighting hard to maintain the balance in employee’s life. To counter the menace of growing urbanization and reduce the stress due to urban congestion organizations have been developing centers in small cities. Employees are being encouraged with various incentives to move to the small centers as it improves productivity and quality of work life balance.

My personal experience also makes me believe that future of work place lies in small towns which are well connected to major cities. The fact that small cities are good for employee morale and well being is also proved by the satisfaction index of the employees working in these centers. However infrastructure continues to be a matter of concern and it’s imperative that we have more such small centers of excellence spread across various parts of the globe than congregation of organizations in big islands of prosperity.

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