Monday, October 16, 2006

Talent Retention and HR's Role

As organizations struggle hard to retain top talent it does brings into focus the role which HR plays in retaining talent.HR policies and processes can help organizations to give employees a better work experience but does HR actually retains talent. Well to some extent it can, but more than retaining talent it lays a framework for talent management the actual execution of which lies with the line manager.

So the effectiveness of HR lies in not only coming up with good talent retention plans which looks good on presentations. The most critical function is execution and operational efficiency where can HR can only play the role of facilitator.

So if you thought that you’ve done a fair job by hiring the best, think again as it may not always be the best or the star performers may not always be the ones who win laurels for teams.

As Butt Sutton rightly says

Call it whatever you want, but as the war for talent seems to be heating up again, companies that fight it right will spend less time looking for solo stars and more time looking for dynamic duos, teams, and networks of people that have worked together in the past and want to work together more in the future. And perhaps it is time for modern HR practices to catch-up with the evidence.

But whatever you call it, while HR practices turn attention to individual stars, study after study shows when people have experience working together – and have learned who knows what, how to read those little signals that people send off, and can communicate ideas quickly and efficiently – their teams and organizations perform better.

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