Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What Next ? Employer -Employees Relation

Employer and employees relation has been undergoing a process of continuous change. From a worker to partner, the relationship has been through numerous phases and stages. In an article by Charlie Grantham and Jim Wareon Transforming the Business of Work they suggest that there will be a major transformation in the way white collar knowledge workers conduct their business activities.

The current relationship between these kinds of “workers” and their employers is as outdated as the apprenticeship model of office workers was in England during the early industrial revolution. They believe that a transformation of the same magnitude is going to happen again as our society passes through the “conceptual revolution”.

They feel that the workplace is likely to see the some major changes in the days to come.Here are some of the points;

Sometime before 2010 we’re going to see an utter collapse of the pension system for public sector employees; that will open the floodgates and erase any doubt that this sacred perk of white collar work is gone for good.

Today the form of the relationship between people and organizations is largely shaped by legal and bureaucratic constraints: employees, employers, independent contractors, wage laws, etc.
We believe that the “employment” relationship will shift from a legalistic one to one that is more in a negotiated and continuously re-negotiated form. It will be something like a compact, or a covenant.

There are a number of factors driving this shift, but the bottom line is that time differences and cultural divides will become harder to manage. Current experiences with forming and managing global teams and even intercontinental supply lines represent a valiant effort to overcome natural barriers that we applaud but do not believe is sustainable over the long term.

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