Sunday, January 15, 2006

Have you made the right decision ?

One of the typical problems being faced by many of those who pursue management as a career is the uncertainty about having a match of skill and personality.

Often we ask ourselves is this the right career for me?

Many people decide to purse management as a career because of the typical halo of good life, money and status attached to this career choice. Liberalization and globalization has had the maximum impact on fueling the mad frenzy about management as a career choice.
Here are few tips by All for those who are planning or already pursuing management as a career will find useful.

Can you embrace the concept of “career self-management”?

Lifelong employment anywhere is unlikely, which is why you must take responsibility for your own career. Are you willing to do that? Do you have the energy it takes -- and the creativity -- to identify your skills and abilities and channel them into current and future opportunities?

Are you committed to continuing your education?

Your company can support your development as a manager, but you should take the lead. In addition to finding resources, you must obviously make the commitment to spend time learning.

How well do you handle difficult situations and conflict?

Being a manager can be exhilarating and profoundly fulfilling, but it can also be a pain in the neck. Can you separate your personal views about people with how they might conduct themselves on the job? Being able to make the distinction is a critical and necessary skill when, as a manager, you must reprimand or even terminate an employee.

Do you set goals?

Without goals you can’t change and if you can’t change, you won’t grow. And without growth a successful career in management is practically impossible.

Can you handle being unpopular?

Being a manager sometimes means taking positions that are unpopular with your staff. You may not even personally agree with them yourself. However, you must keep overall company goals and objectives your number one priority, despite any potential impact on certain members of your group.

Can you deal with a variety of personalities?

Many managers will tell you that the hardest part of their jobs is handling so many different personalities. In addition to making sure various jobs get done, a manager must juggle traits and quirks that, while annoying, must be dealt with.