Saturday, September 03, 2005

Survey Findings on working Habits

Indian Managers are often heard grumbling about the amount of time their co-workers spend on internet and often waste lot of time and energy on non productive work during office hours.Well Folks....Here's some news which will redeem your soul from the guilt of reading this post on your office network.According to a new Survey from a national poll of 10,044 employees by Needham-based and America Online shares this findings.

It contradict prior reports that described American workers as the most productive — and overworked — in the world. The change, said researchers, may stem in part, from the Internet, which allows employees to take additional breaks throughout the day without leaving their desks. Of those polled, for example, the majority — 44.7 percent — said they waste time randomly surfing the Net,

The next big time-waster? Socializing. The survey found that 23.4 percent of those polled spend a considerable amount of time talking to friends and associates. Other top time-wasters: conducting personal business, daydreaming or spacing out, running errands and making personal telephone calls.

Workers say they're not always to blame. In all, 33.2 percent said they didn't have enough work to keep them busy, and more than 23 percent said they waste time because they are underpaid and unappreciated.

I am sure my Indian friends will need this data when they confront their Boss next time.

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