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Success DA Vinci Style

Success da Vinci Style

Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're absolutely right. The only time you fail is the last time you try. One of my favorite quotes is:

"Time is the most valuable commodity we can spend." Having said that, to make the best use of our time, I believe that we can learn a great deal from those who have gone before us. Read on to find out how you can accomplish your goals:

Success da Vinci Style

Just like baby ducks learn to survive by following and imitating their mothers, Leonardo da Vinci believed that a key component to being successful is to imitate or model successful people. We humans, unlike any other species, can choose whom to imitate. Da Vinci felt that throughout our lives and all of its stages we should learn to consciously choose models (not the Cindy Crawford type unless you aspire to be a fashion model) and to replace the ones we outgrow. By doing this you will begin a positive adventure toward your worthy goal. For example, if you want to become a better golfer, study Jack Nicklaus.

If you want to become a leader, study Abraham Lincoln (he never quit) or Margaret Thatcher. Should you aspire to become a true renaissance man/woman, you may want to study the great Leonardo da Vinci, the original renaissance man!Michael Gelb who wrote the book "How To Think Like Leonardo da Vinci" writes, "It would take an encyclopedia to begin to do justice to the full scope of Leonardo's accomplishments." I agree! da Vinci had visions. What set him apart is that he acted (took massive action) on his ideas.

His ideas and creations covered art, invention, the military, engineering, and science. What's most fascinating is the fact that da Vinci had a "system" he invented and followed religiously every time he began a new idea. It's a very simple system you can use to help you achieve your goals.

Da Vinci called it the "Smart System",

S M A R T, being an acronym for:

S- Specific: Define exactly what you want.

M - Measurable: Figure out how you're going to measure your goals.

A - Accountability: Commit to being personally responsible for achieving your goals. If part of a team, be sure that accountability is clear.

R - Realistic/Relevant: Set goals that are ambitious but achievable. Make certain your goals are relevant to your purpose.

T - Timeline: Set a clear time line for the achievement of your goals.

Wow, isn't that great!

From a very easy to remember word, "SMART", you now have your very own "ACTION PLAN." I'm sure you know that da Vinci created such timeliness creations such as the paintings, "Mona Lisa" and "The Last Supper". But did you also know that he created the parachute, bicycle, helicopter, folding chair, alarm clock, and the first comprehensive drawings of the human anatomy?!I'm absolutely convinced that when you use this system which still applies today after nearly 500 years, you will achieve your own personal goals. To quote Leonardo da Vinci, "Your brain is much better than you think, just use it""

Ajit Chouhan


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